Henkilö tutkii näyttelyssä olevaa isoa muotokuvaseinää.


Merkki is open to anyone with an interest in the phenomena of communication.

Media plays a significant role in our lives. The world of news has undergone a fundamental change in both scope and content. We endeavour to increase people’s mutual understanding and encourage responsible exchange of thoughts and opinions.

The permanent exhibition is the heart of the Merkki museum. Its core message is the importance of free media in democracy. Key themes include journalism, freedom of speech and combating disinformation.

The museum also offers various temporary exhibits. A small part of the gallery is dedicated to memes. The printing cellar offers an introduction to the technologies of traditional letterpress printing: manual typesetting, typesetting machines and the printing process.

Our permanent exhibition is currently offered in Finnish and seven other languages: Swedish, English, German, French, Estonian, Russian and Ukrainian. Content in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Northern Sámi and Somali will be available at a later date.

We offer guided tours, workshops, and other tailored events for those wanting to explore the museum in depth. Contact us for further information about the museum’s services: e-mail ; tel. +358 20 720 98 10.

We offer free entry and are part of the Museum Card scheme.