Osa vanhan sanomalehden sivua. Pientä tekstiä ja rivi-ilmoituksia, joiden ostikoita ovat mm. "Päivälehden irtanaisnumeroita", "Jalkineita" ja "Myytävänä".

About us

As an interpreter and preserver of the evolving world of media, Merkki provides engaging historical and contemporary content on the phenomena of media.

Merkki provides open access to anyone who wants to explore the phenomena of communication. Our archives contain historical records of the Finnish media going back over a century, and they can be used for both research and recreation. Merkki offers tools for understanding the world of communication. We endeavour to increase people’s mutual understanding and encourage responsible exchange of thoughts and opinions.

The name Merkki (‘Sign’) evokes a sense of the joint mission of the museum and archive, which is to promote understanding of the evolving nature of media in people’s lives.

Merkki organises exhibitions and events relating to the field and offers access to the latest research on media to all interested individuals.

The museum collection has a particular focus on exhibits relating to newspaper printing and journalistic work.

The primary purpose of the archive is to preserve and provide research access to the historical records of Sanoma Corporation and its predecessors.

Our doors are open to all who are interested in the history and phenomena of communication.